About Learn & Earn

A Joint Program of Jammat-e-Islami Wapda Town and Al-khidmat Foundation Lahore to enhance your E-commerce skills.

Our Mission

Praise Allah SWT who has blessed Pakistan with the most critical resource found on earth a young generation. Currently, 64 percent of the nation is younger than 30. This untapped source of energy has the potential to uplift not only themselves but also their families as well as the entire country. They could be the engine of development if they are provided with the tools and techniques. In the borderless economy of the world, e-commerce skills can help them unleash their potential and help them become an active and useful member of our society.

Jamat –e Islami Learn and Earn Program envisions a bright future for this energetic segment of our society. We aim to provide them the opportunity to learn e-commerce skills to enable them to get connected with the global community at affordable prices. We aspire to create a community of young entrepreneurs who can become role models for thousands of other people and agents of change. Our mission is to help youth channel their energies, develop strong character, create job opportunities, and positively impact the economy of Pakistan.